The superfood to feed the good guys in your gut

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Your Body Says Thanks

BiomeBliss prebiotics feed the natural bacteria in your gut. This goes way beyond probiotics for a wide range of amazing benefits.

  • Helps control hunger
  • Supplies a good source of fiber
  • Promotes regularity
  • Supports overall gut health
  • Helps maintain healthy mealtime blood sugar
  • Acts as a diet aid*

It’s clinically tested, consumer approved and is berry-delicious.

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Natural Ingredients

Containing only 60 calories per serving, BiomeBliss is an easy and delicious addition to your daily diet. Our prebiotic ingredients all come from natural foods: inulin from agave, polyphenol antioxidants from blueberries, and beta-glucan from oats. Try one to two servings a day to build a better biome.

  • 60 calories
  • 20% Daily Fiber
  • 0 added sugars
  • 100% happy biome




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What is the gut microbiome? With 8 grams of prebiotics including 5 grams of fiber and polyphenols, BiomeBliss can get you back on track in 60 delicious seconds.

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