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About BiomeBliss

A Berry-Flavored Prebiotic Blend Promoting metabolic and digestive health by Nourishing, Shifting, and Protecting the microbiome in your gut. Containing only 60 calories per serving, BiomeBliss is an easy, tasty addition to your daily meal routine. We selected our ingredients based on exhaustive research and reviews of clinical trials. Active ingredients are inulin from agave, beta-glucan from oats, and antioxidants from berries in a proprietary blend. For more information visit our benefits page.

Learn About Andrea McNeil

Andrea McNeil, MPA works on the front-lines as a Wellness Coach and Entrepreneur. Ms. McNeil forges the development of strong communities and families by empowering those to take control of their own health by first creating a fresh vision for themselves, their family and the community in which they live.

Ms. McNeil has championed health promotion and disease prevention programs including the American Diabetes Association’s, “Fabulous You” program. This 8-week community health initiative is designed to help educate women with pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes on how to live a healthier lifestyle. Her participants achieved the confidence to make healthier food choices, accomplish weight loss goals, and even reduce their A1-C levels.

Andrea also spearheaded the faith-based community outreach of smoke-free policies for metropolitan New Orleans, Louisiana. She successfully identified and recruited a 25-member interdenominational alliance: “Churches for Smoke-Free NOLA.” and assembled the public education campaign “Smoke Free Sabbath Week”. Ultimately, the ordinance passed with an unanimous vote from the New Orleans City Council members.

Ms. McNeil is a certified Family Herbalist who believes that food is medicine. She has been interested in herbology, nutrition and healthy living beginning in her formative years. She holds many credentials including a Ministry Certificate from Ever Increasing Word Training Center (EIWTC), a Masters in Public Administration from the University of New Orleans, and a Bachelors of Science from Northeastern Illinois University. She believes in Speaking the Truth in Love.