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About BiomeBliss

A Berry-Flavored Prebiotic Blend Promoting metabolic and digestive health by Nourishing, Shifting, and Protecting the microbiome in your gut. Containing only 60 calories per serving, BiomeBliss is an easy, tasty addition to your daily meal routine. We selected our ingredients based on exhaustive research and reviews of clinical trials. Active ingredients are inulin from agave, beta-glucan from oats, and antioxidants from berries in a proprietary blend. For more information visit our benefits page.

Learn About Body Craft

Body Craft is a integrated holistic medicine clinic located in San Diego, California.
Body Craft offers an integrated approach to clinical interventions. There are three fundamental constructs which form the basis from which practioners at Body Craft practice medicine: Dynamic Equilibrium, Intersection of Environment, Human Being and Adaptation, and Central Nervous System. These constructs are the result of an accumulation of both ancient knowledge as well the most advanced medical knowledge of today. It will aid you in comprehending how you, yourself, are regarded under this medical approach, one which regards your present condition not from a symptom perspective but from the dynamic experience you have with your environment and your adaptations to that environment.

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