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About BiomeBliss

A Berry-Flavored Prebiotic Blend Promoting metabolic and digestive health by Nourishing, Shifting, and Protecting the microbiome in your gut. Containing only 60 calories per serving, BiomeBliss is an easy, tasty addition to your daily meal routine. We selected our ingredients based on exhaustive research and reviews of clinical trials. Active ingredients are inulin from agave, beta-glucan from oats, and antioxidants from berries in a proprietary blend. For more information visit our benefits page.

Learn About Prime Fitness RX

Prime Fitness Rx is a 100% organic entity that began as a thought towards fitness and education on an upscale level of quality on a 24/7 bases. The PFRX concept is centered on corporate wellness and decreasing healthcare cost to the employer via fitness. Creating happy and healthy employees is our mission. We provide fitness and education through the most technologically advanced equipment available on the market today. Prime Fitness is a prescriptive experience to the individual looking to embark on a fitness lifestyle, no matter what level their current fitness. Our systems for exercise give education and data recovery on wide ranging areas of the individual as they progress to health and fitness. Each PFRX facility is always open and fully automated, ready to perform for you.