BiomeBliss at FNCE 2018

FNCE: Food & Nutrition Conference and Exposition of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (AND) and their organization, Eat Right

The Washington, DC Convention Center was an awesome venue for FNCE this year.  Over 11,000 Registered Dietitians (RDs), nutrition science researchers, healthcare providers and educators, policy makers and suppliers of various tasty eats and cooking tips converged on our capitol city.  Educational topics included nutrition and fertility, needs of athletes, aging, skin, bone health, intermittent fasting, and how to be an effective clinical practitioner.  Other sessions covered family meals, culinary trends, reducing cancer, food as medicine, and the nation’s nutritional crisis. And our favorite topic: exploring the gut microbiome.

The roles of RD’s range from clinical dietary mentorship for individuals in hospitals, wellness centers, weight management clinics, retirement homes, corporate wellness initiatives, and independent health practices, to directors of food service in many group settings.  They focus on food as medicine and through many conversations at this meeting, it is evident that the hardest part of their work (other than the rigorous study required for certification) is the challenge to change an individual’s eating style.

This exhibition area had vendors sampling an array of healthy eating food and beverage products: 0 calorie sparkling waters of all sorts, vegan ready-to-eat meals, freeze dried-veggies, gluten-free everything (even bread from coffee flour), yogurts of every type, milks from cows to nuts to hemp, probiotics galore and bars.  There were bars for energy, nut bars, whole-grain bars, probiotic bars, meal-replacement bars, etc.  And there were whole real foods too: walnuts, almonds, pears, strawberries, blueberries, avocados. Dietitians do love to eat.

We were delighted that so many attendees recognized the importance of the 40 trillion gut microbes to the health of their patients and clients, and that they are beginning to appreciate the different roles of probiotics and prebiotics in the challenge to restore and maintain microbiome diversity.  We discussed the challenges of getting the dietary micronutrients our ancestors were able to get.  We presented BiomeBliss as an easy way to get those micronutrients and to jump start a more diverse and healthier microbiome. Thank you to all the healthcare practitioners that visited BiomeBliss.

Published: October 26, 2018

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