BiomeBliss & Diabetes Undone

Facing the Threat of Diabetes Together


More than one-third of ALL Americans are either diabetic or prediabetic, with predictions that this will rise to ONE HALF of all Americans by 2020.


You read that right: by this time next year, picking a person at random in a crowd you’ll be as likely to choose someone with diabetes or prediabetes as without it. Although diabetes is a chronic illness, it does not have to be a life sentence. Simply because the prefix “pre” is in prediabetes, the condition does not inevitably progress to full diabetes.


At BiomeBliss, we know the importance of healthy eating to a healthy gut microbiome, and of a healthy gut microbiome to a healthier, happier you. That is why BiomeBliss is proud to announce its collaboration with Life and Health Network, the creators of the ground-breaking diabetes reversal course Diabetes Undone.


Diabetes is a chronic issue for many, and can significantly increase the risk of numerous diseases and complications, from heart disease (the country’s number one cause of death) to strokes, kidney damage, blindness, loss of limbs, and infections.*


“But there is good news,” says Danny Kwon, executive director of Life and Health Network. “Type 2 diabetes, accounting for around 90% of all cases, is not only preventable for those at risk of developing it, but often reversible for those who already have it.”


What is Diabetes Undone?


Diabetes Undone is a program hosted by Dr. Wes Youngberg and Brenda Davis, RD, two leading diabetes experts. Diabetes Undone employs a mix of education, videos, nutrition, and exercise advice, alongside lifestyle strategies, to address the underlying causes of high blood sugar, as well as having knock-on effects on other health conditions.

Since the Diabetes Undone method focuses heavily on nutrition as a way to tackle the causes of diabetes, it made sense that recommending a delicious, fiber-filled, quick to make and easy to drink prebiotic mix could be a way to jumpstart the Diabetes Undone program.


Now, members of the Diabetes Undone community can get a discounted supply of BiomeBliss while getting access to the Diabetes Undone program for free: a real win-win.  To learn more, visit the Diabetes Undone website.


BiomeBliss and Diabetes Undone


It is now recognized that diabetes is often a diet-related disease, and research shows that a purely (or predominantly) plant based diet can help prevent prediabetes turning into full diabetes.*

BiomeBliss is raw, plant based, fat free, and vegan, and contains three different plant-based prebiotics to give you 16g of prebiotic fiber and non-fiber and around 20% of your daily recommended fiber intake in each 2-scoop serving.  The non-fiber prebiotic polyphenol antioxidants in BiomeBliss help your gut microbiome work for you, not against you.


When BiomeBliss began around a decade ago, our driving force and vision was to help provide nutritional support for those having trouble making the right food choices who were becoming susceptible to diet-related issues. Our aim was to help people manage healthy blood sugar levels.


We have grown into more than that, due to the added benefits of increased prebiotic intake, including help with controlling hunger, improving regularity and overall gut health.* You can read more about our story, and the role of the gut microbiome in human health, at our website.


However, our original goal focused on helping customers maintain healthy blood-sugar levels, which is why we are so thrilled to get feedback like the following testimonial from a BiomeBliss customer:


“I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes last year, and my nutritionist recommended BiomeBliss. I take it every morning, alongside the prescription drug Metformin, and my A1C has dropped after just three months!”   -Wei Zhao


We are thrilled to partner with Diabetes Undone, who are helping people across the country transition from a traditional meat-heavy, sugar-saturated American diet to a healthier, plant-based one. Diabetes Undone guides their members step by step with recipes, motivation, advice, and support, and they are now using BiomeBliss as a helping hand on that journey.


In the words of Mr. Kwon:

“Education is the key to our Diabetes Undone program and we are pleased to be partnering with BiomeBliss.

Our workshops help people with diabetes and prediabetes convert to a plant-based diet.  We know that a plant-based diet can help regulate their blood sugar levels and reduce their dependence on daily medications. 

BiomeBliss is the perfect supplement to our program. Our focus is to teach folks how to change to a plant-based diet and BiomeBliss helps my participants make that commitment and that change.”

Further BiomeBliss Testimonials


“Biomebliss is a part of the health and wellness program that I recommend. It is particularly useful for clients needing to change their eating routines, those with digestive issues and even for people interested in general health.”

-Sacha Owens, Owner PFRX Gym


“When I use BiomeBliss I feel better about the rest of my unhealthy diet! I like that it contains all the good stuff I wouldn’t get otherwise. It’s natural, quick, easy and simple. ”

-Thomas H. Burguieres, M.D.


“I had an eating disorder for 37 years and problems with regularity. My Doctor recommended BiomeBliss, and it fixed me after one canister.”     -Cheryl Riddick



*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA.  Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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