BiomeBliss vs. other prebiotics or probiotics

What’s the biggest difference between BiomeBliss and other prebiotics or probiotics?  Polyphenol antioxidants from blueberries!  BiomeBliss includes prebiotics from a full cup of blueberries in every serving, to shift the bacterial population towards species that are healthy for us.

The BiomeBliss blend also includes inulin, a common ingredient in many prebiotics. However, while inulin provides food for bacteria, if that’s the only ingredient, you could end up with a lot of possibly unpleasant intestinal gas.  Inulin is fermented by many types of bacteria, producing hydrogen as a by-product. This hydrogen is then used by three different types of bacteria, which all compete for the hydrogen, to form three different products:

 > Methane—a gas associated with weight gain, or

> Hydrogen sulfide—a gas associated with GI discomfort and leaky gut, or

> Acetate—a beneficial short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) that helps reduce hunger and regulate blood sugar.

The key is to support the bacteria that produce acetate, and not bacteria that produce methane and hydrogen sulfide. The antioxidant polyphenols from blueberries support only the acetate SCFA producers so they can outcompete the methane and hydrogen-sulfide producers – that’s the shift.  Our proprietary blueberry extract encourages growth of more of the bacteria that are optimal for gut health.

While there is no single “good” type of microorganism for gut health, we have spent years researching the best blend for supporting a healthy microbiome. And this is another important difference between BiomeBliss and other prebiotics: we haven’t just clinically tested the ingredients in our blend, we’ve tested the blend itself, at the recommended serving size, in rigorous clinical studies in real people, to make sure it’s the best blend to nourish, shift, and protect your microbiome.

Published: May 2, 2018

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