Blueberry Graham Cracker Cheesecake Squares

  Berry Layer 2 cup frozen mixed berries ⅓ cup sugar 1 tbsp water 1 Pinch salt ½ scoop BiomeBliss Graham Cracker Layer 2 cups graham cracker crumbs 2 tbsp sugar (or sugar substitute) 10 tbsp butter, melted ¼ tsp salt Cream Layer 1 cup + ½ cup cream 2 tsp gelatin 2 packages cream […]

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Summer Bodies

Get Your Gut Summer Ready! But not in the way those fashion magazines mean…  ...

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PRE- vs PRO-biotics

Transient & native bacteria You have a whole world inside your gut. You may never...

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Episode 3. Happy Gut. Happy You

For you: a 50-second video on the benefits of a healthy, happy gut! [video width="1920"...

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Prebiotics: Benefits Beyond the Gut

Below is a link to a review of the two clinical trials using BiomeBliss. The...

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