BiomeBliss vs. other prebiotics or probiotics

What’s the biggest difference between BiomeBliss and other prebiotics or probiotics?  Polyphenol antioxidants from blueberries!  BiomeBliss includes prebiotics from a full cup of blueberries in every serving, to shift the bacterial population towards species that are healthy for us.

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Loss of Edible plant diversity in today’s diets

Walking into an American grocery store can be overwhelming—a veritable immersion in abundance. This abundance,...

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Antioxidant Polyphenols and the Microbiome

The word “antioxidants” is a familiar one; most people with even a passing interest in...

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The World Within Us

The Microbiome is made up mainly of bacteria, but also includes fungi, bacteriophages, and even...

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Prebiotics Vs. Probiotics

We’ve seen a growing number of them on store shelves and advertisements ‒ probiotic food...

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