Gut Punch

1/4 serving of BiomeBliss (BiomeBliss mixed in 3 oz of cold water) one jigger (3 oz) of Cachaça (or Rum) one jigger (3 oz) of lime juice one tablespoon of Swerve (or other non-sugar sweetener) Combine all ingredients and shake with ice.

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Your Microbiome is a Partner in your Health The large intestine, or gut, obviously plays...

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Episode 1: The Basics of BiomeBliss

Watch our quick video to learn how our clinically tested prebiotic nourishes your gut’s healthy...

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Fruits & Veggies for a Healthy Microbiome: 4 Summer Tips

Eating lots of fruits and veggies is associated with a host of health benefits, but...

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Episode 2. BiomeBliss Makes Gut Health Easy

Ever heard of the second brain? Within our digestive system is the gut microbiome, or...

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