PRE- vs PRO-biotics

Transient & native bacteria You have a whole world inside your gut. You may never have thought about it before, but there are approximately 1,000 different species living in your large intestine, called the gut microbiome. They total around 40 trillion microorganisms (give or take) such as bacteria, meaning there are more microbiome cells in […]

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Episode 3. Happy Gut. Happy You

For you: a 50-second video on the benefits of a healthy, happy gut! [video width="1920"...

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Prebiotics: Benefits Beyond the Gut

Below is a link to a review of the two clinical trials using BiomeBliss. The...

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Gut Punch

1/4 serving of BiomeBliss (BiomeBliss mixed in 3 oz of cold water) one jigger (3...

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Your Microbiome is a Partner in your Health The large intestine, or gut, obviously plays...

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