Childhood Obesity – Diet Additions Instead of Diet Deletions

Do you know a child that is carrying some extra weight? If so, dieting for kids can be tricky, sometimes leading to family disagreements over what the child should and shouldn’t eat. So, rather than trying to cut out parts of your child’s diet from the start, let’s simply focus on ADDING something to it first.

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How the Microbiome Ate My Lunch

Sure, having a problem with your hunger doesn’t quite make you a rarity, but learning...

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Is Your Microbiome Making You Hangry?

This just in: modern science now reports that “hanger” might be related to the complex...

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Futuretech Podcast

Prebiotics, A better strategy for Gut Microbiome Health than Probiotics.   Listen to Dale Pfost, CEO...

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Countering Type 2 Diabetes in the Keto Diet

Let’s start by saying that the Keto Diet works. You can eliminate carbs from your...

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