How the Microbiome Ate My Lunch

Sure, having a problem with your hunger doesn’t quite make you a rarity, but learning how to effectively manage your hunger in a healthy manner could set you apart from the crowd.

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Is Your Microbiome Making You Hangry?

This just in: modern science now reports that “hanger” might be related to the complex...

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Futuretech Podcast

Prebiotics, A better strategy for Gut Microbiome Health than Probiotics.   Listen to Dale Pfost, CEO...

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Countering Type 2 Diabetes in the Keto Diet

Let’s start by saying that the Keto Diet works. You can eliminate carbs from your...

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Pro-biotics vs Pre-biotics: What is the difference and should I care?

If you look back at the history of Americans’ health, one thing that may appear...

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