Childhood Obesity – Diet Additions Instead of Diet Deletions

Do you know a child that is carrying some extra weight? If so, dieting for kids can be tricky, sometimes leading to family disagreements over what the child should and shouldn’t eat. So, rather than trying to cut out parts of your child’s diet from the start, let’s simply focus on ADDING something to it first.

More of the Good Stuff

We are all supposed to eat 10 to 13 servings of fruit and vegetables every day – but kids aren’t always crazy about that plan. That’s where a natural supplement comes in handy. BiomeBliss packs in all the goodness of four servings of fruit, vegetables and oats, but with only 1/6th of the calories. Plus, when served as a tasty drink or smoothie, it’s a whole lot more likely to get some love.

That goodness we speak of is prebiotics. These are a bit like probiotics, only they are the food for the microbiome already living in our gut. Prebiotics are one of the reasons people say you should eat fruit and vegetables – even raw ones.

BiomeBliss is a prebiotic blend derived from natural food which has been clinically tested and shown to support gut wellness, help control hunger, and help manage blood sugar from already healthy levels. Managing hunger pangs is a key objective when it comes to kids. BiomeBliss can serve as a great “on-ramp” of sorts, to help cut hunger and the cravings for unhealthy foods and empty calories, while creating a mindset that welcomes healthier choices.

What Is Microbiome Science?

Yes, there are people who spend LOTS of time studying the role of the microorganisms on and in our body, as well as how they influence our health and our diet. Count us among them! When you or your child over-eats some types of foods and yet consumes too few fruits and vegetables, these microorganisms can get out of balance. And with certain diet plans, limiting prebiotics can also cause the gut microorganisms to get out of balance and to be underfed.

We recommend focusing on ADDITION not SUBTRACTION for your child’s overall health. Add more fruits and vegetables. Add more physical activity. Add a proven blend of prebiotics. BiomeBliss focuses on getting these gut bacteria fed wellAnd – it contains NO sugar. The sugar has been intentionally removed, leaving the healthy prebiotics, greatly reduced in calories. It can even help manage the glycemic response to foods eaten.

It’s a Team Effort

Try making BiomeBliss a daily routine for your child – one or two servings per day, depending on the size of the person. And join them – just to help with the motivation. (Bliss loves company, too!) This will help rebalance the microbiome so it can function properly. Then you can start thinking about what foods will enhance the gut bacteria, helping it to send out healthy signals to the body.

After a few months of this ADDING diet you may begin to see your child naturally decreasing that hunger-driven eating. Let us know how it goes! 

Published: October 8, 2018

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