Is Your Microbiome Making You Hangry?

This just in: modern science now reports that “hanger” might be related to the complex workings of your gut microbiome.

Sure, maybe you’re just hungry — and thus a bit cranky. Or maybe you are mad at yourself for overeating, even while you knew it wasn’t good for you.

But maybe your blood sugar swinging down, then up, and then crashing down again is having a negative effect on your mood.

This sort of grumpiness can be rooted in the kinds of food you consume. For example, perhaps you’ve eaten a bunch of simple carbs – pizza, bread, pasta, sugary drinks. Initially you feel completely full, but a few hours later you’re feeling the need to eat again. That desire is likely a sign that your microbiome wasn’t all that happy with the first meal. Those tiny microorganisms in your large intestines didn’t benefit from the simple carbs.  There is another rather different class of carbs, complex carbs, known as prebiotics—they are the food for your microbiome.

A closer look inside your gut: The gut brain axis

Your large intestine has about 3 pounds of tiny microorganisms that use the prebiotic fiber in your diet to produce signaling molecules. Those signals tell the cells in the lining of the large intestine to release gut hormones. These gut hormones in turn do a variety of things. They signal your brain that you are satisfied (you don’t need or want more food). They signal the valve between your stomach and your intestines to slow the rate of emptying. And they send signals to help control your blood sugar.

These signals come after you’ve had a meal containing the needed prebiotic fiber to feed your microbiome. You’ve heard lots of talk about fiber over the years (grandmother’s bran muffins, etc.), but this is far more complex and interesting than just roughage and bran. Some foods you eat give you calories, and if they include fiber, that’s fine. Others are so dense in calories and so light in fiber that, while you are getting overfed, your gut microorganisms are going hungry. That meal is also producing too few of the molecules that trigger those important gut hormones.

From hangry to happy

A single serving of BiomeBliss is like a big pile of fruit, vegetables and oats — except, instead of 380 calories and 30+ minutes of preparation and eating, it’s only 60 calories and is a great-tasting drink mix. Go ahead and eat what you planned, but now try including BiomeBliss. It’s a simple way to start improving your diet by adding something first, rather than cutting something out. You can also try having BiomeBliss several hours prior to your being tempted at a nice restaurant where you might over-eat.

Two servings per day will give you the fruit and vegetable portions that you are supposed to have. Most importantly, your microbiome will get the nutrients it needs to produce those signals. We did expensive clinical studies and found that BiomeBliss helps manage hunger, GI health and blood sugar from already healthy levels.*

Plus, if scientific speculation is right, it just might boost your good cheer.  Your Hanger will wane and you’ll reach a new level of bliss.  Give BiomeBliss a try for 30 to 60 days and let us know if your friends are reporting lowered levels of hanger in you!

*The statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Published: September 27, 2018

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