Probiotics or Prebiotics: Has the MultiBillion-Dollar PRO-biotic Industry Convinced You?

We all love probiotics, and their importance to our health is becoming clearer and clearer, but what is all the excitement about PREbiotics?

Probiotics are microbes, and you naturally have trillions of them living in your large intestine, but they need the right environment and nourishment in order flourish.

Prebiotics are the food those microbes need in order to grow and improve our health.

If you eat plenty of green vegetables, colored fruits, (like blueberries), lots of fiber, and mostly avoid sugar and other simple carbs, then your microbes should be in good shape.


You’re not eating for one; you’re eating for 40 trillion

There are about forty trillion microbes in a thousand different species living in your large intestine, and they help you stay healthy by producing special molecules in your gut. These molecules trigger signals that do everything from managing your hunger levels to balancing your immune response, from helping control your blood sugar to keeping your digestive system running smoothly.


What does taking probiotics do?

The idea with PRO-biotics is that you may be lacking some types of microbes or missing others altogether, and you might be able to get them from supplements, yogurt or fermented foods. However, we all have about 40 trillion microbes living in our gut, and a typical probiotic supplement introduces a tiny percentage of them, with no guarantee that it is providing the ones you actually need.

For a store-bought probiotic to be effective, it would have to do all of this: 1. contain the microbes your unique microbiome happens to be lacking; 2. provide them in the right quantities; 3. have them survive the trip through your digestive system to take up residence in your large intestine, and; 4. be well-fed enough to produce the molecules which enhance your health.

Sound unlikely? It is most of the time.


What does taking prebiotics do?

The idea with PRE-biotics is, due to modern diets, many people are not nourishing the beneficial microbes already present in their gut, which can lead to various health issues.

With the right blend of prebiotics, you can replenish both the diversity and quantity of microbes and give them the ‘food’ they need to produce the healthy molecules which keep you healthy.

Most people don’t need store-bought probiotics; they just need to take better care of the ones they already have—the ‘free and natural’ probiotics already in your system—feeding them the right things to live, multiply, and be productive.


Farming your microbiome

Imagine you were a farmer trying to grow strawberries, but you planted your seeds in dry land and simply left them. If they failed to grow year after year, you wouldn’t just keep planting more strawberry seeds: you’d recognize the need to add fertilizer, water them regularly, and nurture them.

Your microbiome already contains the ‘seeds’—the probiotics there already—you just need prebiotics to nurture and nourish them.

A brewer trying to boost the alcohol level in his weak beer by adding more yeast would come to a similar conclusion.  By adding the ‘food’ for the yeast, in the form of sugar, the brewer would get to the desired level of the alcohol.


How do you get prebiotics?

A daily diet of healthful greens and fiber-rich foods will take care of your gut microbes and they will help take care of you, but many people find that it isn’t easy to eat enough fiber-rich and raw foods. For those people, we invented BiomeBliss.

BiomeBliss includes a range of powerhouse prebiotics optimized to produce more of the healthy molecules (called short-chain fatty acids) from the microbes already in your large intestine. †

It is a powder of blueberry, oats, and agave extracts which provide a natural, concentrated source of inulin fiber, beta-glucan, and an abundance of polyphenols. BiomeBliss also has the benefit of having the sugar and many of the calories removed. It is designed to be the best prebiotic fiber today. †


PRO-biotics: the microbes, such as bacteria.

PRE-biotics: the food for the naturally-occurring probiotics in your GI.


Scientifically proven prebiotic blend

BiomeBliss has been clinically tested in two trials undertaken at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, one of the country’s leading institutes bringing great science to the world of nutrition.

It has been shown to help with gastrointestinal health, managing hunger, and managing meal-time blood sugar from already healthy levels.  Its focus on producing more short-chain fatty acids. †

But don’t just take our word for it: Google the word “microbiome” along with any health condition you can think of and see what the experts are saying. †


† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Published: March 18, 2019