FutureTech Interview with Dale Pfost – BiomeBliss, a drinkable blend of prebiotics to boost human health

September 25, 2018

During the past decade, the human microbiome has slowly come to be recognized as an integral factor of human health, one that’s been misunderstood for far too long. Whether it’s an autoimmune disorder, diabetes, habitual overeating, a central nervous system disorder, or irritable bowel syndrome, Dale Pfost believes there’s a connection to be found with the microorganisms that live inside each and every one of us. With active research being conducted on this topic, his opinion is backed by evidence and shared by many.

Pfost now serves as the CEO of MicroBiome Therapeutics, a company founded nine years ago with the goal of bolstering the health of the microbiome in order to bolster the health of people. So, what’s the main contributor to the health of the microbiome, and what do we need to do in order to address it? Pfost believes the number one problem is our diet, something which has changed dramatically over the past several decades; we’re overeating, yet we’re simultaneously underfeeding the microorganisms that enable us to live healthy lives.

What’s the solution? The team at Microbiome Therapeutics has just launched BiomeBliss, a perfectly formulated blend of prebiotics designed to feed microorganisms the nutrients they need but often don’t receive in sufficient amounts (if at all). Based on the most recent double-blind, randomized clinical studies, BiomeBliss has produced three results: satiety (absence of hunger), increased GI health, and lower glycemic indexes.

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