First Prebiotic Supplement Specifically Engineered to Nourish, Shift, Protect GI Microbiome Now Available

April 11, 2018

Nationally Recognized Team Launches First-In-Class Product

Based on Nearly Decade of Research, Clinical Studies


NEW ORLEANS – BiomeBliss™, a patented, first-in-class prebiotic dietary supplement specifically developed to support a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) microbiome, is available to consumers nationwide. Developed over the past nine years by pioneering researchers, BiomeBliss nourishes, shifts and protects the GI microbiome ‒ the trillions of bacteria in the digestive system.

Two rigorous clinical studies show BiomeBliss helps control hunger, promotes regularity and supports overall health of the GI microbiome.

BiomeBliss is a natural, berry-flavored powder that mixes easily with water for a delicious, convenient drink. Made with nutrients isolated from blueberries, agave and oats, BiomeBliss supplies key prebiotics to the GI microbiome that are often missing from modern diets:

  • Inulin from plants nourishes the populations of GI microorganisms
  • Polyphenol antioxidants from blueberries shift the growth and activity of certain bacteria associated with a healthy microbiome
  • Beta-glucan from oats protects the GI’s mucosal lining and supports the immune system

(Claims made regarding BiomeBliss have not been reviewed by the FDA. BiomeBliss is not intended to treat, prevent or cure disease.)

As a prebiotic blend, BiomeBliss is distinct from probiotics. Prebiotics serve as food for the healthy microorganisms in the large intestine. Probiotics are the bacteria supplied in fermented food products like yogurt. Probiotics deliver a limited number of bacteria in terms of both the types and the total number of microorganisms when compared with those that naturally exist in the GI microbiome.

BiomeBliss was developed by Mark Heiman, Ph.D., a nationally recognized neuroendocrinologist, drug inventor and obesity researcher. The former chief scientific officer of obesity research for Eli Lilly Research Labs, Heiman is a pioneering researcher of the GI microbiome and has directed important discoveries into its role in human health.

“A healthy GI microbiome not only aids in digestion, it helps control hunger, helps regulate glucose and supports the mucosal lining of the large intestine, a major part of the body’s immune system,” Heiman says. “BiomeBliss was developed through years of testing and research that identified the specific nutrients that help build a better microbiome and maintain its diversity.”

It is reported that a lower diversity of bacteria species in the microbiome is associated with higher body weight, reduced production of short chain fatty acids, gut permeability and increased production of methane and hydrogen sulfide, while people with a greater diversity of bacteria species generally have lower body weight, less inflammation and a healthier immune system. Studies also show people who eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains have a greater number and diversity of microorganisms in their GI microbiome.

Many modern diets are inadequate to maintain this diversity. BiomeBliss is designed to provide the prebiotic nutrients that may be lacking.

BiomeBliss was assessed in two separate clinical studies performed by Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, part of the Louisiana State University system, and one of the nation’s leading centers of nutrition research. Both studies were published in 2015.

A single 27-gram serving of BiomeBliss contains no added sugar, 9 grams of a prebiotic fiber blend, a generous portion of polyphenols and only 60 calories. Getting the same prebiotics would require eating 4 cups of food containing 384 calories and 33 grams of sugar.

The recommended use for BiomeBliss is one or two servings per day added to a regular diet. The product helps users feel fuller and controls hunger, which encourages consumption of smaller-sized meal portions. BiomeBliss has been clinically shown to help with regularity and to manage mealtime blood sugar when already in the normal range. BiomeBliss is vegan and made from natural, non-GMO ingredients. A one- to two-week supply of BiomeBliss is available for $39.99 on the BiomeBliss website.

BiomeBliss is a product of MicroBiome Therapeutics, a company cofounded by Heiman and Dale Pfost, who serves as CEO. Pfost is a successful, five-time biotechnology entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He also serves as U.S. general partner of London-based Advent Life Sciences, a venture capital group focused on life-science investments in the United States and Europe.

MicroBiome Therapeutics’ board chairman, John Elstrott, is former chairman of Whole Foods Market and recently retired after 30 years as professor at the Tulane University A.B. Freeman School of Business. He also served as the first chief financial officer of natural-foods innovator and specialty tea-maker Celestial Seasonings.

About BiomeBliss

Developed by MicroBiome Therapeutics LLC, BiomeBliss is a patented prebiotic dietary supplement designed to nourish, shift and protect the microbiome of the human digestive system. A powdered drink mix, BiomeBliss is made from natural plant-based ingredients. Clinical test results show BiomeBliss helps control hunger, promotes regularity, supports overall gut health and helps maintain healthy mealtime blood sugar already in the normal range. BiomeBliss is vegan, non-genetically modified and low in calories. To learn more about the potential benefits of BiomeBliss, visit Information on MicroBiome Therapeutics is available at