Summer Bodies

Get Your Gut Summer Ready!

But not in the way those fashion magazines mean…


When magazines scream at you that it’s time to GET YOUR BODY SUMMER READY, they can be promoting anything from strict diet regimes to High Intensity Interval Training.

What they’re rarely recommending is what your body really needs: fiber.

Feed Your Gut – You’re Eating for Trillions

Having a Summer Body doesn’t have to be exhausting or restrictive, if you do it right. It’s all about feeding your gut, not starving it, but making sure you feed it with the right things: PREBIOTIC FIBER.

Whatever you eat, whenever you eat it, you’re not just feeding yourself – you’re feeding the trillions of bacteria which live in your gut, known as your Microbiome. And it can be their fault if you overeat.

Fiber Feeds Your Brain to Help You Eat Less

These days it’s easy to load up on empty calories and sugars, which somehow never seem to fill you up for long. That’s because the calories from those snacks and sugary drinks go straight into your bloodstream and never reach the bacteria in your gut, leaving them underfed.

Scientists now know that not feeding your Microbiome can lead to any number of health problems, and what’s more your gut then fails to produce the signals which let your brain know that you’re full. Fiber may not sound sexy, but it’s the best way to feed your gut what it really needs, and can save you from over-eating.

A diet containing plenty of fiber therefore keeps you fuller longer, as it not only takes time to work its way down to your large intestine, but once there it creates the chemical signals that keep you satiated.

You May Need Help to Get Enough Fiber

But getting enough fiber from healthy food can be difficult when you’re in a hurry. PRObiotic supplements can add a relatively small amount of bacteria to your gut, but to feed the ones already living there takes PREbiotics.

BiomeBliss, a berry-flavoured prebiotic supplement, takes just 60 seconds to prepare and contains just 60 calories, while packing in all of the prebiotic fiber of four cups of healthy, natural food (and zero sugar!)

Illustration by Aleksey Nisenboym

By providing you with up to a third of your recommended daily fiber intake, those 60 calories help you manage your hunger by letting your brain know that you’re getting enough of the good stuff.

Like any health regime, it can take your body a little while to adjust, but after just a couple of days of taking BiomeBliss your gut should be able to handle the fiber just fine.

BiomeBliss Your Way to a Better Summer Body

There may not be a magic way to lose weight, but there is a natural, scientifically proven, quick and delicious way to nudge your diet in the right direction to get ready for the Summer.

Drink different. Drink smart. Drink BiomeBliss.


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