Satisfaction Speaks Up

Our fans are pretty vocal about the great taste of BiomeBliss, and more importantly, the way it makes them feel.

A Few Kind Words

It’s pretty clear that we have a passion for what we do. We could happily talk about BiomeBliss all day, but perhaps the best way for you to get a feel for it is to hear from some of the people who have used it regularly.

"We recently had Sue’s blood work done at my pleading request! She has been dieting and watching what she eats, and she has been taking BiomeBliss at least once per day. I am really pretty excited."

-(Don E.)

"I LOVE this stuff!!! I have taken BiomeBliss at different periods over many months (stopping ONLY during times when I ran out). I mix it with my morning smoothie.  It is absolutely delicious, with the added super benefit that I love how I feel when I drink it.  It keeps me full for a very long time.  I am a constant grazer, but when I drink this in the morning, I don’t even think about food until past my normal lunchtime.  I start my day with more energy that carries me through my day. I would recommend BiomeBliss to anyone who wants to feel better and have more energy!!"

-(Barbara S.)

"I have been using it for six months because I have been overweight (approx. 10 pounds) for many years. I’m 86 and I have been taking it once a day before my dinner meal. My results so far have been very good and better than my expectations. I had hit a plateau in my weight for 20 years. I tried different diets and foods but the time I have been using the product has broken the plateau."


"I have been using it once a day. I am occasionally constipated and this allows me to have normal bowel movements. I have lost a few pounds, also. "


"My husband and I have been taking one serving per day of BiomeBliss for 3 weeks. We look forward to it every day and feel satisfied. We don't crave sweets like we did before. No more Haagen-Dazs before bed! And both of us have noticed a weight loss."


"Prior to drinking BiomeBliss I was flatulent. My stomach, especially after a meal felt uncomfortable. I sometimes avoided a meal during the day to prevent this occurrence. I began taking BiomeBliss 3 weeks ago and all of the above have moderated. I usually take the appropriate dose 3-4 times each week. I am very delighted with the taste of BiomeBliss. It is rich in berry flavor and VERY smooth in texture."

-(Roger N.)

"I like the way it suppresses my appetite. It's a very comfortable full sensation without a bloated feeling. It’s very easy to use. When I use it consistently I lose about pound a week without any additional change in my daily routine."


"10 weeks ago, when my doctor told me I should lose weight. I began a new lifestyle and diet plan at age 53. Friends recommended a lean & green eating program to my wife and I, which we boosted with BiomeBliss to help stave off hunger, improve GI health and discomfort. Wow, did it work! Down 24 pounds and I had to buy new clothes, ha. That’s a good thing! Feeling great! And even my doctor was impressed. P.S. I love adding BiomeBliss to my Vitamin Water Zero lemonade, yummm. "

-(Mike R.)

"BiomeBliss tastes amazing, and I look forward to drinking it. I love that something this simple and delicious is supporting my gut health and helping me build a better microbiome, all without uncomfortable bloating I've experienced with many other prebiotics. I know the product has really solid science behind it for gut health, but what's surprised me is that BiomeBliss leaves me totally satisfied for hours and much less likely to snack or give into my sweet tooth. Since I've been using BiomeBliss regularly, I've noticed some of the stubborn weight around my waistline starting to melt away, all without any struggle or sense of deprivation! This is a huge feat, as I'm a major snacker. I'm really impressed by the array of benefits I've experienced, and I would recommend BiomeBliss to anyone who wants an enjoyable, easy way to improve their health from the inside out."

-(Melissa )