Satisfaction Speaks Up

Our fans are pretty vocal about the great taste of BiomeBliss, and more importantly, the way it makes them feel.

A Few Kind Words

It’s pretty clear that we have a passion for what we do. We could happily talk about BiomeBliss all day, but perhaps the best way for you to get a feel for it is to hear from some of the people who have used it regularly.

-(Angela Wilkinson)

"I have to make sure I don't take it too much as it really curbs my appetite!
Nothing starts my day better than a scoop of my biome bliss - not only does it taste great but it keeps me feeling full! This is a family ritual for us all and gives me peace knowing we are being proactive with our prebiotics ! Something I also recommend to all of our clients "

-(Sacha Owens)

"Biomebliss has been a great addition to PFRX. It is a part of the health and wellness program that I recommend. It is particularly useful for clients needing to change their eating routines, those with digestive issues and even for people interested in general health. "

-(Jenn Berkhammer)

"BiomeBliss makes me regular and consistent as far as bowel movements go. I do notice a negative effect whenever I stop taking it. It keeps me full! My daughter is a candy enthusiast, but ‘Taking the Bliss' (which is what we call it) helps taper down the sugar craving. "

-(Dr. Frank Greenway)

"Chronic diseases seem to have abnormal communities of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Prebiotics are things that people cannot digest, but the bacteria in the human gut can. Thus, prebiotics can be the food supply for the human gut bacteria that encourages an increase in the bacteria that are abnormally low and suppresses those that are abnormally high associated with a chronic disease. In other words, prebiotics can help return the gut bacteria community to a more normal balance and help to reduce the adverse effects of chronic disease. "

-(Thomas H. Burguieres, M.D.)

"When I use BiomeBliss I feel better about the rest of my unhealthy diet! I like that it contains all the good stuff I wouldn't get otherwise. It's natural, quick, easy and simple. "

-(Rachel Elstrott)

"I lost all my baby weight (25lbs!) in just three months by taking BiomeBliss every morning. It tastes great, takes no time to make, and keeps me fuller so I'm not tempted to snack throughout the day!"

-(Lee Farnham)

"I had a stroke at the beginning of December and was given a blood thinner to take, which really messed up my digestion. When I started taking BiomeBliss, I found the problem went away. I love the way it turns my yogurt a nice, deep shade of blueberry purple. "

-(LeeJoy Ellis)

"I love the flavor and find it mixes well. BiomeBliss is its own smoothie!"

-(Michelle Tubre)

"I enjoy greasy and fried foods, but since taking BiomeBliss I can't remember the last time I had an upset stomach. "

-(Wei Zhao)

"I was diagnosed with Type2 diabetes last year, and my nutritionist recommended BiomeBliss. I take it every morning, alongside the prescription drug Metformin, and my A1C has dropped after just three months!"

-(Hélène Charlebois, BSc, R.D)

"I bought a canister for work but it never made it to the office, it's at home! My husband and I both use it."

-(Cheryl Riddick)

"I had an eating disorder for 37 years and problems with regularity. My Doctor recommended BiomeBliss, and it fixed me after one canister."

-(Erin Downey)

"I've noticed better feelings of satiation with lunch. I am a chronically hungry person, so anything that will help with those sensations is a Godsend. It is an awesome fiber source with a much better taste than anything else I have supplemented with. It's like a fluffy smoothie with a quarter of the calories."

-(Marja-Leena Isoaho, R.N.)

"There are no other products that I have used with similar results. You can replace your probiotics with this! It is a wonderful product with excellent ingredients."

-(Eliana Thompson Becnel )

"It seemed to flush out my system and kickstarted my metabolism. I recommend it to friends as part of a workout regime, and to friends who are too busy to eat breakfast in the morning." "

-(Sally )

"I would compare BiomeBliss to a probiotic, but is much gentler on the gut and the results are more effective and consistent. Over the years I have tried various probiotics and I always stop taking them after six months or so because the gas and cramping never abates or is just unpredictable. BiomeBliss is literally the opposite of that. My bowel movements are regular and smooth and my stomach is calm. I am also trying to lose weight and BiomeBliss is helping me do that by satiating hunger pangs in the morning. "