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Do Your Kids Like Sugar?

Do They Eat Enough Vegetables?

Monday morning. You want your child to have a healthy start to the day; he wants a coke and a candy bar. ‘Disagreement’ ensues. Sound familiar?

Food choices for kids can be tricky. So rather than trying to trick them into eating more greens, or fighting with them to cut out unhealthy snacks, why not simply focus on adding something to their diet: something purple and really delicious.

We All Need More of the Good Stuff – Like Fruit and Veggies – Every Day

We are all supposed to eat 10 to 13 servings of fruit and vegetables every day – but as you probably know, kids aren’t always crazy about that plan. (Not all adults are, for that matter.) That’s where a delicious, natural supplement can be a wise choice.

BiomeBliss packs in all the goodness of several servings of fruit, vegetables and oats, but with only a fraction of the calories and a tiny 1 g of sugar. Plus, when served as an easy-to-mix delicious drink or smoothie, it’s a whole lot more likely to get some love.

What one Mom tells us:

 “My daughter is a candy enthusiast, but ‘Taking the Bliss’ (which is what we call it) helps taper down the sugar craving.”

Make BiomeBliss a part of a great breakfast or afternoon treat. Your kids will love it. And if you want to know why this is so important, keep reading.

Fruit and Veg Contain Prebiotics: the Fuel for Your Kids

The really good part of fruit and veggies is the part called prebiotics. Prebiotics are a bit like probiotics, only they are the food and fuel for the healthful microbes living in our gut. Prebiotics are a major reason you should eat fruit and vegetables.  Increasingly, prebiotics are being found to be as important as, if not more important than, probiotics.

BiomeBliss is a prebiotic blend derived from real, natural, plant-based food. It was clinically tested and shown to:

  • support gut wellness,
  • help manage mealtime blood sugar levels, and
  • help control hunger.*

That last point is crucial, because managing sugar cravings is vital when it comes to our kids. BiomeBliss serves as a great “on-ramp” of sorts: it can help cut the cravings for unhealthy foods and empty calories, while creating a mindset that welcomes healthier choices. Not only can BiomeBliss help manage hunger, it has also been shown to help treat-time blood sugar when kids do snack.

More about the Healthful Microbes Living in Our Gut

There are lots of people who spend LOTS of time studying the role of the microbes on and in our body, as well as how they influence our health and our diet. When we over-eat some types of foods and consume too few fruits and vegetables, our microbes can get out of a healthy balance. Certain dietary habits that limit the amount of prebiotics you eat can also lead to an imbalanced microbiome.

But don’t just take our word for it: here’s what Stanford University’s Dr. Justin Sonnenburg has to say about the importance of gut health: (you can read his further views on gut health here):

“We realized that in the Western world this community (your gut microbiome) is degraded and deteriorated to the point that it is likely impacting our health in many negative ways; predisposing us to many problems that we as Westerners experience.

I think there’s no doubt about it that we should all be eating more fiber. If you go to the Harvard School of Public Health webpage, the Mayo Health Clinic webpage, the FDA, all of these places are saying that we should be eating more fiber, so that’s definitive.”


You can improve your child’s overall health by making sure they get enough fruits and vegetables, plenty of physical activity, and it can help to add a proven blend of prebiotic fiber.

BiomeBliss contains almost no sugar. The sugar has been removed, leaving the healthy prebiotics, greatly reduced in calories. And most importantly, it tastes great.

As highlighted in the Healthy Food for Kids Guide, you can encourage healthy eating habits by disguising the taste of healthier foods – and that’s something BiomeBliss does with its great berry flavor. Let us focus on feeding your kid’s gut bacteria so you don’t have to worry about it.


Again, you don’t have to take our word for it: the below is from Erica:

“Every mom knows that the journey to finding delightful and whole food snacks, meals, and beverages for your kids is never ending. Even once you find a whole food that they love, it’s only a matter of time before you over do it, they’re over it, and they’re on to the next thing. So, the more wholesome food ideas you can fuse into the rotation, the better. 

And when it comes to wholesome drinks for kids, finding multiple options is even more challenging. Even the organic juices are sugar packed, because let’s face it, juice is juice. Enter BiomeBliss. My kids LOVE to mix it with a bit of water and fresh squeezed lemon juice (and pro tip: even just squeezing the lemons for this delightful mixture is an activity!). The kids are getting the ultimate treat of juice intake at mealtime, and we know they’re not pumping their bloodstreams with sugar! Instead, they’re nourishing their guts. Everyone wins.”


Eating Right is a Family Team Effort

Make BiomeBliss a daily routine for your child – a single serving a day takes just seconds to make and drink. And why not join them, just to help with the motivation. (Bliss loves company!) BiomeBliss helps re-balance the microbes so they function properly. Then they can focus on helping the gut send out healthy signals to the body.

After a few months of BiomeBliss feeding your child’s microbiome, you may well begin to see less snacking.  Let us know how it goes!

Some Great Recipes for the Whole Family – Get Your Prebiotic Fiber

An easy to fix drink of a scoop of BiomeBliss, some cold still or sparkling water and a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice.

We all love a popsicle. Simply mix BiomeBliss with water or your unsweetened beverage of choice, like almond or soy milk (add a little unsweetened yogurt if you like), fill the molds, freeze and enjoy.

Nut Butter and BiomeBliss Jammie Sandwich.

This is quick, easy and pack-able.  Stir BiomeBliss into just enough water to make a spread.  Make your perfect fiber-rich NB & BB sandwich.  You’ll be surprised.

Peanut Butter and BiomeBliss Sandwich

A Fruit Pizza. For Breakfast?

Start with a slide of watermelon. To make the creamy spread to layer on the melon slice, blend together 5 oz extra firm tofu, 1/4 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, 1/4 cup blackberries, and 1 scoop of BiomeBliss. Once blended, spread evenly on top of watermelon. Lastly, top with your favorite, fun, colorful fruit and enjoy this delicious treat.

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*These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA.  Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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